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 I have always been a dreamer, better yet a romantic, more footed on reality than fantasy. A platonist utopian that has walked many paths, leading to a multitude of unexpected crossroads. Always getting stuck at a juncture and spilling out onto a collection of interesting individuals. Experiencing these life changing events, I have always walked away wondering what my future will hold. These affairs, having altered my perception of being. Sometimes it has been good and sometimes it has been bad, that's life. We all experience these encounters from time to time that cause us to grow and eventually change. One thing that has stayed consistent in my life has been the love for family, friends and the ability to continue dreaming. Since I was a child I have always had a vivid imagination, fascinated with the world around me. This site is a window into my universe, created with your help. Sort of a tribute to the individuals and circumstances that have allowed me dreams to dream and crossroads to confront.







 Ever since I was a little tyke I use to go to the schoolyard across from my home and watch my brothers launch model rockets. When I was older I did the same and boy was it a blast...






 My Dad had a dive shop in the bungalow at the front of our home. I always found Scuba Diving fascinating but didn't get a chance to fully enjoy it until I moved to Florida...




The quest to build the Bubble Headed Booby from Lost in Space.





Click on the picture. Whatch me JUMP!





Memories of Live Aid July 13th, 1985